~Welcome to my shop! Get Mineralized~

•Welcome to MattyRoMinerals• Everything is handmade by myself in Santa Barbara, CA. I source the highest quality metals and gemstones for my jewelry, and practice traditional metalsmithing and stone setting techniques. Thanks for checking out my shop, and if you have any questions please send me a message and I will respond quickly! Thank you:)


🌍 Explore My Eclectic Universe: Step into a world that merges my passions – from being a devoted rockhound to a soulful musician, a nature-capturing photographer and a hot spring seeker. This is my creative realm!

💎 Handcrafted with Heart: Immerse yourself in the artistry where jewelry transcends adornment. Every piece is meticulously handcrafted with unwavering patience, deep affection, and boundless care within my studio's sanctuary on the mesa, in Santa Barbara, California.

⌛️ Hours Infused with Devotion: Crafting each masterpiece is a testament to time and dedication. Every intricate detail, every carefully chosen mineral and metal, is a testament to the energy invested in bringing forth its unique allure.

Positive Energies at Play: Feel the uplifting vibe woven into every creation – a symphony of positivity, love, and artistic ingenuity. Wear my jewelry and carry with you a radiant aura that speaks volumes.

🎶 Harmonizing Nature and Design: Just as melodies weave emotions, my creations harmonize nature's brilliance with individual style. Let every piece you wear be a reflection of your spirit's melody.

📸 Capturing Nature's Essence: Beyond jewelry, I am a lens through which nature's beauty is immortalized. Join me in celebrating the raw, unfiltered magnificence of crystals, minerals, and the natural world.

💖 Adorn Your Inner Light: Beyond aesthetics, each piece is an extension of your inner brilliance. Allow these unique creations to adorn your being, enhancing your authentic glow.

🌿 Nature's Elegance: Traverse a realm where nature's elegance meets human creativity. Each piece is a testament to the seamless fusion of Earth's treasures and your unique identity.

🌟 Reflecting Uniqueness: Just as minerals bear distinctive traits, you too are unparalleled. Adorn yourself with handcrafted jewelry that mirrors your individuality, a celebration of the one-of-a-kind you.

🌄 Crafting Conversations: Elevate your presence with jewelry that sparks dialogue, inspires connections, and leaves an enduring impression. Every piece carries a story worth sharing.

From a rockhound's heart to the realm of a musician and a lover of the Earth's wonders – my creations extend beyond mere jewelry. They encapsulate passions and become a part of your journey. Welcome to a universe where minerals, music, and boundless love intertwine, creating jewelry that is an homage to the Earth's beauty and a celebration of your inner brilliance.

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